Sunday, November 30, 2008

Homemade Baby Food

I have been busy! Fin is now eating solid food, so I got my blender out and have been pureeing and freezing all kinds of veggies and fruits. It is such a great thing to be able to do for my baby. I did this for Max and now am doing it for Fin. Sometimes people ask why I don't just buy baby food because they think it takes so much time to make it. Actually, it takes me less time to make more food than I could buy in the same amount of time. I make my own for three reasons: 1) so I know exactly what is going into his mouth; 2) it is much less expensive; and 3) deciding what to buy at the store makes my head go 'round -- there are way too many choices!
So what I do is cook the vegetable or fruit or meat and then puree it in the blender or food processor. I pour it into ice cube trays and cover it with cellophane wrap and just pop it in the freezer overnight. Then I pop the little cubes out and put them into a ziploc freezer bag and back into the freezer they go. When I am ready to feed him, I get a couple cubes out and thaw them in the microwave. It's as simple as that. In the freezer right now we have pears, butternut squash, yellow squash, green beans and sweet potatoes. I am planning on doing peas, acorn squash, and white beans this afternoon. And if I can get to the store, I'll pick up some chicken breasts and veal to do as well.

I have also made my own oatmeal powder so that it is not too chunky for him. I just put some old fashioned oats in the blender and blend it into a fine powder, then cook it up and let it cool. I usually make enough to last a few days and put it in the fridge and sppon out what I need. I mix this with mashed bananas and yogurt for him for breakfast. He is such a good eater and has not rejected anything yet.

This is a wonderful book and has helped me with learning what foods to make at what stages. It is well-used.


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WOW! You officially get the MOTY award!!!!

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